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Why You Should Buy Hip Hop Beats Instead Of Downloading Them For Free

  • CevherShare

Here are reasons why you should buy hip hop beats rather than download them for free.

Buy Hip Hop Beats

Buy Hip Hop Beats

I know it is easy to download free hip hop beats. You know the saying “You get what you pay for” its free for a reason. Its hit or miss whether that hip hop beat is beat , is actually good or not. When You buy hip hop beats it is because they are higher quality , in term of sound and their professionalism. 


As you develop as an artists, you’re going to become more particular about the quality of the hip hop beats you’re using. Also there are some free beats that once you download them will give your computer a virus. So you need to be careful. If you buy hip hop beats for sale, you won’t run into that.


Nothing worse than downloading a free beat, with a big virus for your computer. Boom shut down, and over to the computer tech. So do yourself a favor, buy beats. If you purchase them, the sound quality will be much higher, and less likely to download a virus. I’m not saying this will happen every time. Its something you need to watch out for. A producer always keeps the best quality of a recording for those who comes to their website and likes to buy hip hop beats. Why would they help someone that has no interest in coming to their site will never buy hip hop beats it doesn’t make sense. No producer for any product it doesn’t matter what it is will always put a customers needs a head of someone who is looking for hand outs.

Free hip hop beats, are free for a reason. A more professional website, will have beats for sale, with no screechy sounds, that sounds like a cat clawing the walls. Yes I have heard some of free beats, that sound like they are way over compressed and leave little or no room for the vocals. It hurts my ears, and I ask myself “why did I download this?” I know better than to do it.

If I Buy Hip Hop Beats What Will I Do For Me

You know exactly what I’m talking about. When a track has a really bad mix or low quality. Not all of the beats are like that, but quite a few. That’s why you need to get hip hop beats for saleOver compressed beats squash all the space for the rap artist to put their vocals in to the song. Leave and the song sounding like it was mixed badly and the artist was not professional enough to hear the poor quality of the recording. 

So don’t do it, Don’t be tempted to download hip hop beats for free. Its hit or miss. Mostly from my experience its a complete miss. Buy the beats. its so much better. The difference is night and day. Its like driving a the hottest sports car verses riding in the back on a hay bale and feeling every pothole as you drive over it.


When it comes to music, we don’t want to listen to  poor quality recordings, I want something that rocks.This is why you should buy hip hop beats for sale. You don’t want people to throw away your album. Buy hip hop beats and hear the difference in sound quality and the music itself. They cost for a reason because they are worth it. You won’t want to plug your ears. You will hear the beat and actually start rocking with it. Buy hip hop beats because they have better quality for you and your music. If you invest in poor quality recordings why would any one else want to buy music from you. If you release an album with beats that have the music producer tag ever 30 seconds what do you think your fans reaction will be. Or worse yet will you have any fans after to even care. How would you feel if they chose to download your hard work for free rather than purchase it on itunes. It’s time to think and take action for you and your music career. So make the right choice today.