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Why every rap artist should focus on Youtube to promote mixtapes

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Youtube to promote mixtapes
Out of all the social media channels online Youtube has to be my personal favorite. Even more so than Twitter. Whether you have noticed it or not Youtube is everyones primary source for music. The minute someone hears a new band or a rap group on the radio Youtube is the first place they will check for information about that artist.

Youtube in some ways has been called the legal pirate, and to some extent this is true. Youtube has gotten away with so many uses of music on it’s platform that know other streaming service would even dare to try. Record companies understand know that Youtube is too valuable to take on and finally the are seen the benefit Youtube has.

Everyone uses PSY’s Gangnam Style as a example of how powerful Youtube can be. This wasn’t luck that this song became a hit. The people behind the song were very clever and planned it’s success to a tee. That’s why they chose Youtube as the main means for their marketing. They knew that this is where their audience is. All they had to do is promote the heck out of that video by any means.

gangnam music promotion

If they could get the video to grow in viewership in a quick amount of time that it would attract media attention. Then came media influencers , Ellen Degeneris which brought that song world wide.

The power of Youtube as a music marketing tool


This isn’t the first time Youtube has catapulted an artists music career. We have seen the same with Justin Beiber , Christina Grimme , Boyce Avenue , and even Wiz Khalifa started out doing small video blog each week to help promote his mixtapes and connect with his fans.

Six years ago record labels and the media where looking at myspace for new talent. This is where artists like Sean Kingston and Travis Porter promoted mixtapes. But the decline myspace as a social platform gave rise to Youtube.

Just to back up my importance of Youtube when it come to promoting your music on online I also noticed that Travis Porter saw the decline of Myspace and the reach of their music on that social platform. They began promoting their music on Youtube not just with adding their song. Like that of Wiz Khalifa they also did music promotion vlogs where the spoke about their experience through the music industry. The song writing process , meeting producers , going to the studio to record , meeting with labels , tours and parties.

All this content was extra promotion for their songs and another means to sell merchandise , to fund their projects. Also their fans felt a more deeper connection to their music because of the these Youtube vlogs.

How to use Youtube to promote your music effectively


The main trick with Youtube is to make sure that you name your music the right way so that Youtubes search engine will find it and add it to other similar songs. Try using the Google adwords keyword tool to find keywords that are similar to your music.

Google Keyword Planner for finding keywords

new rap music 2014

(You can always change the title later for a more professional branding) Also you can try using Googles keyword suggestion tool at the bottom of the Google search after you search for a particular keyword.

Google Suggest 

google suggest

Example : Keyword “New Rap Music 2014” at the bottom google you will see other keyword phrases like “ New Rap Mixtapes 2014” , “New Rap Singles 2014” ect. Use some of these keywords in your tags , your title (change it later) , your description. This is the only way that people will find your music Youtube so do it right from the start.

Also add one or two extra videos about your music , who you are , how you wrote the song ect. These video are the promotional videos for your music. How can new fans connect with you if they don’t know who you are.

Having extra vlogs about your music is the difference from some one that just comes to your Youtube channel and just likes that songs and never returns again, to a super fan that can’t wait till you upload new music.

If you look at any artist like Boyce Avenue or any new mixtape artist online , the way they build up a quick following online is through the use of remixes or cover songs. I will be the first to say that I hate creating covers and remixes. But when I started out making beats all of the rap instrumentals I uploaded where remixes. Even my Youtube Channel started with me uploading acoustic cover songs.

These helped generate some traction for my channel and make me more comfortable with playing music in front of the camera. Also it gave me the confidence as my covers quickly got in to the youtube mix of other cover songs and popular artists.

The final bit of advice I will give you in regards too using Youtube to promote your music , is to make sure to set your channel up for success in the first place. Get some good graphic designers from freelancer.com , also get them to create some image stills for your music will images like subscribe and like the video in them to encourage fan interaction with your music.

If you don’t ask people to like or subscribe to your music channel on Youtube then people just won’t bother. You have to constantly remind people for every video to subscribe or where they can download your music.

This is one of the main reasons people don’t see the reward from Youtube. Because they never set their channel up to convert new fans. Having the right art work , good music and a message to support your music is what will be the fuel to your success with Youtube when you promote mixtapes.

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