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How To Find The Best Hip Hop Beats Online

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buy the best hip hop beats

buy the best hip hop beats

We all know that there are many websites online with the best hip hop beats. But doing all that searching for that one beat that can make a difference. Lucky enough for you here at beatswithhook.com we have done a large amount of that work for you.


Why spend hours on a daunting task, when you can use your time in a more productive manner. Don’t get me wrong . Finding the best hip hop instrumentals for your mixtape or album is vital to your success. You will never be successful if you have poor quality rap beats over your songs and you will never get the inspiration that you need to push yourself to make the best possible rap song. We have a ton of old school instrumentals and new school beats for you on our site.


So what if there was a place that you could come too and trust that had the best hip hop beats sourced from the best music producers online.


There is !  Beatswithhook.com does this service for you !!


I am a beat maker that produces music here for beatwithhook.com and lots more websites online.

I network everyday with the best music producers on a regular basis. These beat makers are my competition so I got the inside scoop on what is selling and what is not selling on these beats for sale websites.

Every day I update this website using my promote beats player on the side bar of my website

with the best hip hop beats for sale and I study what are the hot sellers and where to find all these rap beats with hooks.



Why You Should Use Beatswithhook.com to source instrumentals for your album.


If you take a look at any video of Kanye Or Jay – Z in studio more often than not you will hear them in studio listening to rap beats. But these hot hip hop beats have been already screened by his sound enginners.


We know that an artist like Jay-Z gets tons of submissions for his album but Young Guru will onlu pick the best 100 instrumentals that are worthy for an artist of Jay-Z’s caliber. And may even narrow it down even further so Jay can make the final call for the right the best hip hop beats for the album.


What if you had some one like Young Guru to take care of this screening for the best hip hop instrumentals for your album. What if you had some one who already networks online on daily basis with some of the internets best beat makers.


You can have some one like that ! I have already done this for you. Take a listen to the top quality rap instrumentals that are selected in the beat player to the right of your screen. You will see a preselected rap beats that come from the best producers online.


A large amount of these producers have worked with major industry artist like Rick Ross , Lil Wanye , Lil B , Drake , Souja Boi , Chris Brown and the list goes on.



Picking The Best Rap Beats For Your Mixtape Or Album


You need to ask yourself some questions are you spending time wisely as an artist. Time is the one element that brings everyone down to the same level. If you choose to use another beat selling website you might spend hours listening to low quality beat makers.


Don’t get me wrong these inexperience music producers have to start some where too. And in time they will get better. But if your at the level of professionally and you feel that you have gotten to that stage where you got what it takes to take on the music industry it is so important that you have the best hip hop beats for your songs.


So why not use our beat screening service where we have sourced top quality rap beats from the best hip hop music producers online.


Ask yourself this ! Do you know who the top beat makers are online ? Do you know if these music producers are selling beats ? Do you know if they have beats with hooks ? 

If you can’t answer these simple questions with yes , let my website help you find the right music production for your album or mixtape.


I can honestly say that I would not have placed the music in the player that I use on my website if I was not familiar or did some quality research on the beat makers beat behind the beats. This stuff comes naturally to me as I already mentioned above that I see or interact with these rap beat makers online every day. And if I don’t know them on a personal basis I know the on pier to pier basis where I consider them a competitor.


So if you want to really narrow the playing field down and find the best rap instrumentals for your album use beatswithhook.com. Spend your time wisely as a rap artist and learn to develop your craft and business. One thing I now about the music industry is that you can not do every thing on your own you need help sometimes. Have a beat screening service like the service that beatswithhook.com provides with quality instrumentals I can a sure that you will find the perfect rap beat for your album or mixtape.


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