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Using Twitter To Promote Your Mixtape

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Using twitter to promote your mixtape

Twitter is one of the best social media channels online to promote your mixtape online. The reason why I say this, is because it is easy to see traction from the work you do on there. But before I go in to strategies on how you should use Twitter for your mixtape promotion you need understand that there is big difference between promoting your mixtape on twitter and spamming people with your mixtape.

A lot of rap artists are going about twitter the wrong way. Hammering people to listen or download their mixtape. If you are just grabbing peoples “ @ twitter handles “ and using the words like check out my mixtape then you are not promoting your music you are spamming.

Spamming people with your mixtape is a terrible way to promote your brand and the image you paint for yourself. What you need to remember with twitter is that it is a social media channel. So take note of that word social. You wouldn’t go around the street or a club asking complete strangers to download your mixtape would you ?? . So why would you do it online.


Remember That Word Called “Social”


There are many conversations going on online with twitter about hip hop and rap music. It might be a good idea to take part in these conversations. Use the hash-tag # with words like hiphop or rap or join in on conversations that are topical at that time. This can include new popular mixtapes / albums created by industry artist’s like Drake , Lil Wanye , Kanye ect.


Having conversations like this will show the people who already follow your twitter channel that you are approachable and that you will engage with them when they speak to you. Then after initial conversations ask them would they like to check out your music.

Don’t send them that hotnewhiphop link until they say they would like to listen to it. It will show that person that you have some respect for them. This is like permission marketing. You are asking permission to send them your mixtape link.

Twitter can also provide a great instant communication between you and hip hop blog owners. These people are highly influential. They tend to have a massive following , but don’t be fooled by follower numbers which can be easily faked. Try using this tool twitteraudit.com to check if there followers are real.


Using Twitter to Find Rap Blogs and Hip Hop Radio stations

If rap blog owners have a good amount of (REAL) followers try starting conversations with them. Ask them about their website and the music on their site. Or start conversations about new current music. As long as some sort of engagement occurs , when it comes time to submitting your mixtape to their site, they are much more inclined to help you because the conversations you had with them.


The same goes for rap radio stations. There are tons of online hip hop radio channels out there follow the same process above for the rap blogs.

I tend to just ask people questions about what type of rap beats they like to listen too. Just to get them familiar with me. People like familiarity . Twitter is more for talking to random people, unlike Facebook which is more personal. I have tons of people that are used to speaking with me on Twitter because I reached out to them with some general chit chat about music they like. They are comfortable with me now and like the fact they have a connection with some one on Twitter.

Start asking new followers some general questions , like about their mixtapes, or the music they are listening too right now. This is like an ice breaker. Then when you have built up enough rep pore with them they will more of then not ask where they can hear your rap mixtape. If they don’t ask don’t be discouraged, it is easier to ask for their opinion because of the connection you have built with them.

The best thing about promoting your mixtape this way is that all of your followers will see you engaged in conversations with people. This will give them to confidence to reach out to you. You are effectively pulling people new fans into your sphere.


A Twitter Mixtape Promotion Strategy


There is nothing wrong with using the social tools like hootsuite or bufferapp to help you add some tweets about where people can download you music. But don’t over do it. I see tons of rap artist’s twitter feeds that are completely like this example::

“ Download my mixtape here “ -> linktomixtapesite.com #RT #RAP #DOWLOADMIXTAPE”
“ Download my mixtape here “ -> linktomixtapesite.com #RT #RAP #DOWLOADMIXTAPE”
“ Download my mixtape here “ -> linktomixtapesite.com #RT #RAP #DOWLOADMIXTAPE”


If this is what you tweet every hour your going to fall on deaf ears !. A certain amount of engagement of your tweets has to occur before your followers will even see it. So this is a waste of your time.

Try mixing up your Twitter syndication on hootsuite with videos and music you like or articles that you find interesting. If you find an article about a new mixtape or artist that you are listening too share that to your followers. This will make your own tweet promotion of your mixtape not so obvious. These are just some simple tips when your are using twitter to promote your mixtape. But good guidelines to follow and test out.

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