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The Importance of Having Beats with Hooks in a Rap Song

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Beats With Hooks

Beats With Hooks

Hip Hop is much more than just the rapping. Sure, you can take a highly skilled rapper and have them rap over just about any song in existence, however, the difference between people getting up out of their chairs and dancing, and people merely sitting and appreciating rap skill is the quality of the beats with hooks in the song. In order for new rappers to become famous and get noticed these days they need to not only be good at rapping, but know their flow and what style of hip hop beat suits them. It’s no good being a good rapper if the music produced for you doesn’t fit your flow. The best place to start is to realize that a song with a good combination of beats with hooks has potential to be a great piece of music.


The Combination of Beats with Hooks Creates a Harmonious Sound

If you sit down and listen to the best hip hop beats out there, what is the one thing that stands out about them all? What all the great hip hop songs of the past have in common is that they all had a harmoniously balanced combination of beats with a chorus that had listeners bobbing heads and admiring the song immediately. Of course, all aspiring artists and music producers know that what gives a hip hop song its character and soul is the bass-line and so first set out with that in mind. However, that isn’t all that is needed. What is needed is good beats with a chorus that fills the song with purpose, a message that draws in listeners and has them repeating those beats with hooks in their head all day long. That is what makes a best-selling song, at least for newcomers.

A Good Rapper Needs that Beat and Hook Combo to Kick Start their Career

Now, as I said earlier, there are some great rappers out there. The problem is they just can’t find the right beats to go with their flow and therefore their music is soulless and lacking that little extra inspirational quality that touches people. The best hip hop beats from some of the Tu-Pac classics to the more modern 50-Cent songs always had a great beat and hook combo. It is possible to find good beats to go with your song, but what about the hook? Can you sing as well as rap? Do you want to be known for your rapping or singing? The most effective solution is not to make your own hooks by hiring singers or even singing yourself, you stick to the rapping; the best way is to buy hot beats with hooks. Hiring singers can be more costly than you think, and doesn’t always work out because of that human element involved that often causes rifts and disagreements.


Where Can I Buy Beats with Hooks?

You can buy beats with hooks all over the internet on countless different websites, but before you do so, it is advisable to know hat kind of style suits your rap the most. Take the time to sit and listen to the best hip hop beats out there from both the past and the present. Analyze the beats with the chorus and find a nailed-on style that suits you and your flow the best.

A great place to buy beats with hooks is http://www.beatwithhook.com/ here at my website. There is a wide range of beats with hooks to choose from to match to your own personal flow. These beats with hooks are made by top beat makers and I am sure you can find a track to match your unique style.

Just remember, you can be the best rapper in the business but that alone won’t get you to the top. There are thousands of rappers out there who go unnoticed because of two main reasons: They have no charisma or the music they rap to doesn’t match their rapping style.

It’s all about finding that harmonious balance between rapping and those flowing beats with hooks. That is how your audience is drawn to you and your music like moths to a flame.