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Promoting Your Mixtapes Online – Start With A Good Mixtape Cover

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a good mixtape coverWhen you start promoting your mixtape online it is vital that you have a good mixtape cover. This is one thing that might not seem like it important, but it’s the first thing your fans will see when they find your mixtape online.

So many rap artists are cutting their graphics budget so that they can buy all those fake views and fake twitter followers on fiverr. They end up with a poorly designed mixtape and wonder why they aren’t getting the downloads they desired.

Let me put it to you this way , if you were heading out to a club with your friends you wouldn’t go in those trainers and sweatpants that you had on all week. No because you would paint a very bad image of yourself around everyone in that night club.

Your brand and image matter too when it comes to your music. Having a bad mixtape cover reflects very badly of how people are going to view your music. People buy with their eyes before they listen to anything. Promoting your mixtapes online is going to cost you so why not make it money well spent.

Along with that many people don’t have a good attention span any more due to social media and how information is sent online. You have only a few seconds to grab that new fan. So it is best to make it count.

What a mixtape cover says about you and your music

Imagine if the music on your mixtape is excellent and everyone is sharing online but that crappy mixtape cover image of you that you tried to crop with windows paint is all over social media , it’s only a matter of time before you become a meme or a joke. And you 15 minutes are up just like that.

Why would spend all that time in your studio working on your craft , spending all those hours on try to make the best raps that actually mean something to you, and the have a crappy mixtape design. Isn’t it time to find a qualified graphic designer.

Something you need to consider too is that you are not only competing with with your friends for new fans , you are competing for views with some of the best rappers in the industry.  If you’re mixtape is on all the hip hop blogs and mixtape websites like datpiff.com and hotnewhiphop.com , the majors are heavily invested and connected with these sites. So you need a mixtape cover that will spark interest from new fans , and find you in amongst the crowd.

How and where can you get a good mixtape cover ? 

We all understand that times are bad and trying to promote a mixtape will be hard. Having that extra cash to spend $50’s on a mixtape cover might be hard to come by. I would wait until I had that cash before I put a bad mixtape cover out. Or I would sell stuff that I don’t need or want any more. No point having all those old PS3 games gathering dust , pop them on ebay and get the investment for your music career.

Or hit up to some rap blogs and write some reviews of new albums of mixtapes and see if they will buy your reviews for $5-$10 (Every blogger needs content TIP*).

Getting a good mixtape cover online has never been so cheap. There are so many graphic artist out work that just need $50 to pay some bill and you can get real quality work done. Try looking at their sites for their work and see who’s mixtape cover they have designed.

Also you can check out sites like freelancer.com where there are professional graphic designers that can make you the mixtape cover that will stand out from the crowd.

Another thing that you might not think of , is that not only are you looking for new fans you are looking for new people to work with . Like that of a record label , rap producers , promoters , publishers , A&R’s , Radio DJ, Club Dj’s. These are also the people who will help promote your mixtape to their audience. So dress to impress.

The industry is full of talented rappers and singers. Talent will only get you so far. People won’t work with people who are just talented. They want to work with some who believes in their music and is dedicated to their career. If you keep treating your music career like a hobby and have crappy mixtape covers, people’s perception of you will be that of a hobbyist.

Time and time again you will hear artist’s complaining that they never got a shot at the big time. How do you think you are going to get that shot at the big time when you can’t do the basic’s. Start off smart and have a quality design that you are proud of and that represents you and your music. Having a good mixtape cover is like having salesman to help with you mixtape promotion online , so use it to your advantage.

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