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How To Promote Your Music On Soundcloud

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How To Promote Your Music On Soundcloud

When speaking to artist’s online I get asked for music promotion strategies for Soundcloud. So here are my favorite ways to promote your music on Soundcloud. In 2012 Soundcloud had over 10 million registered users. These people came here to upload and listen to peoples music. This a lot of people with a huge engagement reach. Think of all the potential for re-sharing on the other social channels online.

Soundcloud has often been compared to the music version of Twitter. It works on the same principle as Twitter just with music. Some of the features that Twitter has like the feed , re-sharing , liking , private message and tags are all they same in Soundcloud. Even the follow ratio is the same in Soundcloud where you can only follow a certain amount of people until others follow you back.

Making Connections On Soundcloud To Extend Your Reach

For this reason it is really important to be very social on Soundcloud. If you want to extend your music reach your you really need to start dropping your feedback on music from other artists. Making connections with people is the fast way to extent your own music reach. Don’t go out pleading for people to share your music. Be useful to others on Soundcloud.

Spend about 30 minutes a day giving feedback to other peoples music and information how they can promote their music on Soundcloud. Giving them an honest opinion on their music will increase their connection with you and they will help you in return. After some time with continued interaction , it maybe ok to ask them to share or give feedback on your music .

Start Making Some Remixes And Some Covers

I have definitely notice a mass shift in the use of remixes and covers on Soundcloud. I would only do this at the start when you are just building up a following. After some time you can start using your own songs so that you don’t get label just another cover band. But creating a couple of remixes when you start out will help with in Soundclouds search engine. I tend to make rap beats like that of other famous producers just to get in the mix on soundcloud.

People are already looking for these types of songs , so more than like your music will crop in the mix of these remixes and covers created by other users on Soundcloud. Then when fans of the original artist find your cover or remix they may share it with other people on their social channels thus increasing your reach.

Get Your Music Heard On Blogs.

Many artist’s don’t like doing this one as it has the potential for overwhelm. Soundcloud gives you the embed widgets to added to blog posts. Start searching for hip hop blogs and music websites that take submissions. Then pitch them your music. To make this a success and get your music on their blog make it as easy for them to post your music.

Make sure you have a good 300 word biography , your hip hop name and the name of your song , your social links , your art work link hosted on an image host like http://imgur.com/ and your Soundcloud embed code in the email.

The main reason why blog owners don’t post your music is because you made it hard for them to find out about you and your music. Bloggers don’t know who you are. So you have to introduce yourself in the right manner. Make it easy for them to share your music and let people know who you are.

Share Your Music With Communities On Soundcloud.

I would use this one sparingly. There are a number of hip hop groups and rap communities on Soundcloud . But Soundcloud only lets you add your music to a certain number of groups a day to prevent spam. When I am on Soundcloud I only add my chosen promo song of the week and add that to 3 different groups a day. This way I fly under the radar and it doesn’t look like spam.

The same goes for communities on Facebook and Google plus. Adding your music in the right genre group is very important. If you add your music to the wrong type of audience you will more than likely find a negative response.


Get A Pro Account For Soundclouds Statistics

If you have a pro account on Soundcloud you can get statistics that will show you where your music is getting the most traction. This will give you an insight in to what sites give you the most plays , who is listening to music and what countries your music is most popular in. This is great information to help your promote your music on Soundcloud more effectively.

Having the statistics will help you refocus your efforts in more effective social channels. Some people might get a lot of traction from Twitter / Facebook and others might see that their music get’s better reach on music blogs.

With out the statistics you could spend a large amount of time on a social channel that is getting you no where. Time is valuable. We all only have 24 hours a day and we spend 7 hours of that day sleeping. So use your time wisely ,and promote your music on Soundcloud where you get the best possible reach for the time you have available. If you are looking for more information about ways to promote your music on soundcloud check out this ebook here music promotion strategies for Soundcloud

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