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How To Promote Your Mixtape On Facebook The Right Way

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How To Promote Your Mixtape On Facebook The Right Way ?
Out of all the social media channels online from , Twitter , Youtube Google + Linkedin, Instagram , Tumblr and Pinterest , Facebook is my most hated one to use. Facebook is a pay to play game now like it or not. If you really want to use promote your mixtape on Facebook the simple answer is that your just going to have to pay for it. This is the only way , and I had to do the same when I was promoting my rap instrumentals.

With all the other social channels you can post content and you will at least see your content grow in reach , or it has the potential to grow in reach. Facebook’s sphere keeps you locked in and the only way out is with advertising.

We all thought that we had it good when Facebook gave us artist , business and Fan pages. That we no longer needed a website because we have Facebook pages to do the work for us. Wrong !!! Facebook has given us the use of a Fan page , and we are aloud to post on it and they are aloud to monitize it. You don’t own your Facebook page no matter how much content you add to it.

Facebook can shut you down at any time they like. So be careful at what you post on there. Some of the business I checked out when I was studied digital marketing in college, thought that they could post any thing that they liked. They were wrong

Enticing people to follow their business pages with gimmick like competitions which is against the terms of service. Some of those business were established companies like cinemas and nightclubs , and Facebook came in with a cleaver to their Facebook pages. Just like that their huge gathered following is gone. So again warning you have to be careful at what you post.

Understanding Facebook and How It Works

Facebook can be a great medium to reach new fans and get engagement going when you are trying to lunch that new mixtape. But you need to understand a certain Factor on Facebook called the Edge Rank. Edge rank is Facebook’s Algorithm.

Basically in a nut shell when you add a post on your Facebook fan page with new music that you made, Facebook only lets a certain amount of those users see that post. No matter how many people follow only a small percentage will see that post. The more activity that post gets from those few users who have seen that post, the more Facebook will share it with the rest of your followers.

The best way you can get your followers to see that post is to promote that post. Start creating small ads for each of your posts. Just to get some initial activity. You can do a promoted post which will extend to the reach of your followers , sponsored post which will extend to your friends and to the people who are friends with them , or you can do a site wide small banner post and just target people who like the type of music you make.

If I had an important post I would try my best to get people from my other social channels , like Twitter or my email newsletter subscribers to check it out before I pay for ads on Facebook. Just to see what type of reach you can get with your own built up audience.

You have to be super targeted in these Facebook ads or else you will waste your mixtape promotion budget on ads that don’t target the right audience. Make sure that you have targeted the right age group and what type of Facebook Pages your audience will like. One really important aspect is to have a really good mixtape cover art or a quality image promoting your music. I would even split test different images just to see which image gets the best results.

Using Tool With In Facebook To Help You Promote Your Music

One trick you can do to keep the Facebook ads down is to keep the ad traffic on Facebook. Facebook like to keep it users on it’s site at all time. So create a html tab on your Facebook page and introduce your fans on these tabs. If you don’t know how to create an attractive html Facebook page try using freelancer.com to get some one to do it for you.

You can also add Fan-gate on your html Facebook pages where people will have to like you page before they can check out your content. Also you can get them to sign up to your newsletter or Fan mailing list in order to download your mixtape.

Many other sites will talk a promoting your hip hop music in Facebook music groups or hitting up your friends and family this is a waste of time. Facebook groups are as dead as Myspace and a graveyard of recurring spam. If you really want to see success with your mix-tape on Facebook the only really way is to pay to build up that audience.

Building the Fan base on Facebook isn’t the hard part. Any one that has a music promotion budget can pay for ads , the real hard part about Facebook is keeping active with your audience. Not only posting about you and your music but talking about interesting topics , like other music related albums and mixtapes. Find topic stories with in hip hop that you can create a line of dialogue with your Fan base.

If you start any form of post on Facebook try and make it image based too. So if you found a story in the hip hop media about Lil Wayne’s new album , try adding an image with in that post or question to your audience. People forget that Twitter is very text based social channel , but Facebook is all about images. Try studying the big hip hop music sites like hotnewhiphop.com or 2dopeboyz and see how the engage with there audience. Make sure to hire a really good graphic designer to get the best quality images for your ads. Other wise you will just waste your budget on ads that just won’t get results that you want.

There is no harm using your newly built audience to promote your rap mixtapes just be sure not to over do it , as many artists tend not see any success with Facebook as they constantly promoting their own music , which looks like vanity after a while. Show your audience that you have more to offer than music. I am a firm believer in the fact that people tend to love the artist more than they like the music , and more often than not the only buy the music just because they are a fan of that artist.