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Hip hop beats with hooks 4 reasons why artist’s should invest in them

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Hip Hop Beats With Hooks

Hip Hop Beats With Hooks

Hip hop beats with hooks have become so popular in the last number of years. When artist’s come online to purchase instrumentals for their mixtapes or albums , one thing that they should keep in mind is to buy hip hop beats with hooks. Why ? The construction of a great song is a difficult process so anything that will make your life much easier to create a great song will only help. Finding producers that create beats with great choruses is a great place to start.


There are tons of great websites out there that sell beats with a chorus all ready made for you. But you are in luck when you come to my website as we have some great hip hop beats with hooks already made for you the artist. I have highlighted some of the top reasons why I feel that you need to get instrumentals like these for your mixtapes in the rest of the article below.


The producer creates the hip hop beats with hooks for you


The producer with hip hop beats for sale has already created the instrumental and they have created the base for the song with the hook. If they have created a beat by chopping up a sample you have the idea of what the song will be about. This gives you a clear vision of what you can write about and have a starting point of how you can build a story around the track. These hip hop beats with hooks will help you defeat that dreaded writers block as you already have a producer who has done half the work for you. That’s a producers job to make the artist feel comfortable , sound good and help them in the right direction for when they write a rap song.

You don’t have to pay for a singer to do the hook


I suggest that you check out the going rate for a good vocalist online to the sing the chorus of your song. You will be surprised to see that it is not cheap . Some of the best quality singers that do hooks over beats can cost you from $90 – $300. These maybe quality recording but if you were to do this for 6-10 songs who much are you going to be out of pocket when you can just hip hop buy beats with hooks from producers. Most of the time hip hop producers are good with communication and have good connections and they already have a singer that works with them to do the chorus.



You don’t have to record , write , or sing the hook


Im not trying to be mean when I say this but most rap artist are not the best singers. I commend anyone for trying but the days of using auto-tune are over. Even when you use auto tune to tune your vocal you still need to be with in some range of that key of the song for it to work. When you are a rap artist you need to focus on you main strengths and that is the story telling element of the rap song. Writing the verse should be the main thing on your mind. As rappers are commended for their verses ,lyrical content and the way that they deliver the song. When you get beats with hooks from producers you have all this process already done for you. All you have to do is sit down a write the verses and tell the story of the song. Distractions can be the main reason why artist’s suffer writers block. Artist who use instrumentals with hooks free up their minds to do what they do best.



Hip hop beats with hooks don’t cost you a whole lot


Most producers charge between $20-$60 for the lease of hip hop beats with hooks. This is really cheap compared to the price of paying a singer to do the hook for you. The price that most beat makers charge for instrumentals with a chorus are always that little bit extra than with out a hook. But as I mentioned above the value you get from purchasing this product is well worth it in the long run. As it removes all the hard work and distractions out of the writing process leave the artist with a clear mind for writing great verses. Most producers have sales and and beat deals that make it even better for you to get a great deal for your mixtape or album.



Think of it this way, an artist’s time is one of their most valuable assets. The are only 24 hours in a day and you spend 8 of those hours asleep so you need to spend the rest of that time where you work best. Having a producer that sells hip hop beats with hooks saves you so much time and effort. At really low price when you purchase the lease. If your an artist’s that is on a tight budget it would be my advice to you to think smart and buy instrumentals with hooks and get more value from the music that you purchase.

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