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Finding The best hip hop beats for your album

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best hip hop beats

best hip hop beats

So you have some ideas for your hip hop album. The hooks flow and are catchy.  Just one problem, you don’t have the best hip hop beats to go with it. You’re looking for  a good beat to rap to,  There isn’t one single music artist out there who hasn’t  run into the same thing.  My suggestion is to listen to your favorite hip hop artist. Listen to a song that really pops  with a slamming beat, and a really hot hook. This will help unleash some creativity for starters.


Always bear in mind that they never started out with that perfect sound, drum beat or hook.  They started out just like you.    Then listen to the beats to rap too. You may just find yourself inspired and making a dynamic  sound with a hot hook. There are many beats to rap to. So listen to other rap artists, that aren’t  your favorites. Why? So you can study different beats to rap to. I know its challenging but give it a  shot.

It will bring you out of your natural comfort zone and make you stretch as an artist. If you could  change something about that beat to rap too, what would it be?  Then something will happen  you’re going to refine your voice in your rap song.  Certain hip hop artists that you don’t care for  may have a sound you don’t like or a hook, that to you doesn’t really pop right.    Its all about the sound, drums, voice, and hook to make that album pop. By listening to best hip hop beats, you will get the beat for your album.


Why You Need The Best Hip Hop Beats For Your Album ?


All artists need inspiration for their beats to  rap too. No hip hop rap song, ever made, had the perfect mix of hooks and beats. It took some time and developement for them as an artist.    While talent will get you started, you have to listen to beats to rap to, so you can become  a good hip hop artist. This is what will make you stand out from other artists. It takes talent  dedication and passion for hip hop, to make a good rap song for your album.


The best hip hop beats, are by hip hop artists who have a passion for the music. The love wha  they do and it shows when you listen to their songs and albums. Sure their talent got them started and helped. Finding the best hip hop beats for you album won’t happen overnight.  You need something that flows, pops, and really sets off your unique style and dynamic  sound. It will take all these elements to put together your album. We have beats for sale,  that you can try with your hooks.   Again your favorite hip hop artists played with different rap beats, to get the right sound  for their albums and songs. You need to do the same thing play with some beats to rap  to, so you can find the right beat for your album.


You can buy  rap beats all over the internet or here at beatwithhook.com. Instead of having to make a brand new beat with hook you already have. Just play around with different beats, until you get the  sound you’re looking for to go with your hooks for your album. Its much easier for you starting  out as a hip hop artist than it was for some of your favorite artists. Due largely to the huge selection of beats you can find for sale on the internet.  Since you have the hooks ready  you can play with the wide selection of beats, until you find the right tone and mood  for your album. Then all you need to do is come up with a catchy  title for your album.  Now you’re all set.