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Buying Beats With Hooks From Beat Selling Websites ?

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beats with hooks

Beats with Hooks

I recently notice that the popularity of beats with hooks online has sky rocketed with in the last few years. Now when you go to buy beats from a beat site you will see beats with hooks as a genre even though its not a genre but due to the popularity of rap instrumentals that have pre made chorus for the artist see this as more bang for their buck.


And it’s true . When you buy a beat with hook this is so much better value than getting a rap instrumental without one. Especially with the cost of paying a professional singer to sing the chorus for. And if you haven’t looked online for the prices of singers to just do a hook you will quickly just invest your money with the producer that already has everything do for you with gusto.

I believe that when you invest in these types of tracks with pre-made chorus from beat makers that work together with singers you will see the quality in return in the level of professionalism that is create from your mixtape or album.

You will raise the bar for most as free style can only get you so far. And just having one verse is not a full song. I see many artist making mixtapes with just one verse and it looks lazy and unprofessional. I don’t hate on anyone for trying. We all have to start some where , but some artist keep doing the same thing over and over again looking for different results.

I believe that it was Einstein that said this was the definition of insanity. But It doesn’t take some one to have the level of knowledge as Einstein to know that you need an intro verse , chorus , verse chorus , outro to have a complete rap song. You already know this from listening songs on the radio.


How Take Your Music To The Next Level By Using Beats With Hooks ?


When I first started out making beats I just had a laptop and some cheap headphones. I was enough for me to get started as I had some knowledge on music theory and how to write and construct a song. But as I learned more and more about beat making I relised that I was going to have invest in better equipment to help me become better at making beats.


This included buying an Imac,Music Production Courses , Music Production soft ware , midi keyboards , software instrumentals , speakers , interfaces , a website domain name , website hosting and the list goes on. If I did not take my investment level up a notch my music production would always be at that lower level and I would never be able to compete with the big beat makers online.


So I think that it is in your best interest to buy beats with hooks and see the reaction from fans when they hear your music with a good chorus. Once you get a taste for it you will want more. I was god smacked by an artist that purchases beats from my website and he went of and hire a singer to sing the hook on all of his songs and he is doing so well now. It totally change my view of his music.


The best thing about that story is that radio stations started picking up on some of his songs and he got air time and interviews. When you have beats with hooks you have 75% of the battle done for you why make your life any more harder for yourself. Most successful artist in the music industry have teams that all work together to promote the artist. So when you have a beats with hooks already for you to shine too you take some of the pressure of you trying to write a chorus. Rap artist’s are their to tell the story of the song with the verses and that’s where most of your time should be spent. Spend your time wisely and perfect your craft.

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